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Are you crazy about clicking pictures that should look best? An application for selfie freaks  B612 has been developed which is used for clicking pictures and selfies that look good. Today we are going to discuss the Features Of  B612 APK, how it can help us in clicking fantastic pictures.

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There are many applications available for clicking pictures having different modes, but it is considered as one of the best among all of them.

There are many similar applications which are developed for the same purpose but what makes  B612 different from others? Why users especially youth is loving this application?  Let us see.

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You can Download and Install B612 APK from our servers as well as in google play store, the only medium from where you can download any android app as per your requirement.

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B612 APK Download

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What is B612 APK? It is an application, developed for taking pictures especially “Selfies” which can be taken anywhere anytime and you will get amazing pictures whether it is day or night.

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Nowadays taking the selfie is a passion and users search for such applications that aid in clicking perfect pictures. Once you download B612 the application, you will use it again and again because of its fantastic features and functionalities.

free download camera b612:

B612 is a photography application intended for selfies that give you a chance to apply many channels to your pictures before sharing them with your most loved informal organizations.

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Altogether, It has more than 50 unique channels. You can pick any of these equitable by sliding your finger along the base of the screen, where you can see a little review of how it will look. You can likewise just slide your finger over the picture to apply an irregular channel. B612 also incorporates a clock, on account of which you can take selfies from a separation, and the tilt move for playing with the profundity of the field.

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B612 is a decent photography application that offers a far-reaching and simple to utilize interface.

Other than applying channels, This app gives you a chance to make collections with your photos. You can make them with only a normal selfie or a structure of up to nine photos, and even vertical pieces of a few pictures.

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Features Of B612 APK?

Let us see what are the best features of using B612 and its benefit if we use it for clicking pictures.

  • More than 20 modes are available for clicking pictures.
  • Easy to use, make collage with more than ten layouts.
  • Different stickers to place on your picture.
  • Different tags of “B612” which you can place. It has a default tag, so it is not mandatory if you don’t want it.

I have mentioned some features of this application, but apart from these, there are many other different features are there which you can find when you explore the application.

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B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.7.0
Download Size: 52.76 MB 2 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.6.3
Download Size: 52.74 MB 5 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.6.2
Download Size: 52.74 MB 5 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.6.0
Download Size: 52.74 MB 5 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.5.1
Download Size: 51.05 MB 8 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.5.0
Download Size: 50.97 MB 9 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.3.1
Download Size: 48.82 MB 11 months ago

B612 – Selfiegenic Camera 5.2.0
Download Size: 50.71 MB 12 months ago