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You can access kernel of your Android device. Superuser is the best application for this purpose. You have to root your device for using the Superuser application. With the users crossing 10 million downloads it is the most preferred application to root your device.

superuser apk free download for android:

Superuser APK is a most loved app in play store and to use this app, you have to manage its right from your device and grant them. You must have rooted device. If you have installed Superuser APK with your root or ROM, it is impossible to uninstall it. From the play store, the app cannot be stored in /system/app as the entire system partition is read at the runtime only. If you want to place the applications in /system/app, you must do it through rooting process. This rooting process normally installs Superuser APK.

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Superuser APK

superuser apk latest version:

Permissions need to be granted
Internet access: for uploading the binary
NFC: for creating and allow tag (this is for the elite users)
External storage: it is for storing the backup and restoring it (for elite users only)
Boot completed: fix the database while booting

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superuser apk download:

What the Superuser APK does

Superuser APK grants and manages Superuser rights for your device. It is an app which gives the freedom of using your Android device with all the privileges. For this freedom, you must have rooted device. It means that before installing the Superuser application, you have to root your android device. Once you install the Superuser APK, you can manage the privileges of all the apps installed on your android device.

superuser binary apk download:

It becomes easy to enable or disable the previously granted permissions of all applications. It is a must-have application. A superuser is a free tool with the numerous features. In the latest version of Superuser, you get an improved binary updater. This latest version has fixed FC when entering preference on the pre-HC devices. This version has added a button to action bar on tablets which let you access to the info page.

superuser apk free download:

You can also uninstall the applications which come with your device. Such preinstalled system applications and bloatware can also be uninstalled with this App just by a single click. It offers language switch which can be used according to your preference. Get this useful Superuser tool to manage applications of your rooted device. Superuser APK is the best alternative for managing the root permission after rooting your android device. Grant or deny the app permissions in the device according to your convenience. The Superuser APK gives you complete root management assistance.

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Download and install Superuser APK

Get this Superuser APK from the link below.

Then Go to the settings > security settings > Unknown Resources > Check Box. By clicking on this checkbox, you grant permission for app download from unknown resources. Wait for downloading task to complete. Once you have the downloaded this in your device, double tap on it. Now tap on the install button. It will automatically install and ready to use. You need to reboot your android device after successful installation of Superuser APK.

superuser apk all version:

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